Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Letter to One Once Beloved

I bear you no grudge. I am well aware of the frailty of man, ergo I will not despair at the broken promises. My darling will not be faulted. This is how I want it. This heart does not call for a trial to discern whether or not its beloved has been just. This impetuous heart cannot be found waiting for an answer not forthcoming. It is consumed with remembering only the times it was shown some kindness.

Be well and do not have a care for me because my love is beautiful. It will undoubtedly find its keeper. A lover that will treasure its beauty and adore its sincerity. This lover will know not to lose something this priceless. He will recognize the exquisiteness of my love and consider himself favored.

When you think of me, have only fond thoughts as I only think of you with fondness.
My darling, my dearest darling,you are a foolish one and I will indeed miss you.

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alysyn said...

The strenght to love comes from within, and no one experience can truly take that away. The second paragraph is wonderful, I love it!